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Transmageddon Video Converter

Transmageddon is a video transcoder for Linux and Unix systems built using GStreamer. It supports almost any format as its input and can generate a very large host of output files. The goal of the application was to help people to create the files they need to be able to play on their mobile devices and for people not hugely experienced with multimedia to generate a multimedia file without having to resort to command line tools with ungainly syntaxes.

For information about latest releases check the NEWS file. To see what translations are available for Transmageddon check out the Transmageddon translation report from the GNOME translation project.

There is a big TODO list here. Check that before making suggestions on what the application should do and if your idea is already on there, then send a patch instead :).

Mailing list:

You can ask questions about Transmageddon on the gnome-multimedia mailing list. You find the gnome multimedia list here. All suggestions and feedback welcome.

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