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Transmageddon Video Converter

Applications similar to Transmageddon

This page lists some of the other apps I discovered which got similar aims as Transmageddon.

  • Oggconvert, python/gstreamer, converts to any Ogg supported format, pretty UI
  • Arista, python/gstreamer, quite featureful and nice.
  • Gnac, python/gstreamer, only audio atm, similar goals to Transmageddon
  • Linux Video Converter, python/mencoder
  • gst-media-services, python/gstreamer summer of code transcoder project
  • Handbrake, GTK/misc, more complex transcoder, lots of things to tweak
  • ogmrip, GTK/mencoder, many profiles.
  • WinFF, ffmpeg, many profiles.

Other useful tools

  • Mediainfo, GTK+ tool which gives you a lot of details on media files. I use it to compare working and non-working files.

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